Meeting the needs of a thirsty world
When you need it … Where you need it

A Canadian solution to a world problem

Pure Water Box is proudly Canadian. Our Canadian-designed eco-friendly water treatment containers use the latest and most energy efficient Reverse Osmosis and Distillation systems to produce pure water. Combined with low maintenance costs and low energy consumption technology, the PWB water purification solution delivers high quality potable water anywhere in the world.

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The Emergency Response Trailer

Operational within hours of arrival at a disaster zone


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16 foot ERT unit can clean contaminated water or desalinate salt water at the rate of 5,000 gallons (18,920 litres) a day. The bagging system can distribute 20,000 one litre bags of clean drinking water a day. Click here for more information about the ERT.

Bottling Line

Bottled water shouldn’t have to be expensive


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The PWB 40 Foot Container and Bottling Line produces up to 8,000 bottles of drinking water per day at a fraction of the cost that hotels, spas, restaurants and golf courses pay for imported bottle water.